Five Habits to Start the Day Before a Wedding

By Hannah McClune

A continuous power cut for almost a full day prior to a wedding wasn’t ideal.

Thankfully I had all my gear charged up, but it was a definite reminder to always charge up my batteries straight after a shoot rather than the day before.

Get those speed light batteries, video light batteries, camera batteries and all your spares charged up before you pack all your gear away after a shoot.

On that note I have a few things that you should do the day before a wedding.

Here are some tips on how to prepare the day before a wedding day…

Bride holding flowers

Bride and groom walking in a field

Clear your camera settings

Reset all your cameras settings to how you like them. If they ISO was ramped up high last time you used the camera for the night shots, make sure you bring it back down, reset the shutter speed and pull your aperture to all your starting settings.

Charge your camera battery

Make sure you have a fresh fully charged battery in and reformatted memory cards in all your cameras and that you have a case of empty formatted cards ready to go.

Hydrate yourself

With the busyness of a wedding day it is easy to miss out on drinking water. Drinking plenty the day before will help be hydrated and stop headaches. But do do do pack yourself a few water bottles and try hard to keep sipping on them when you can.

Bride and groom walking outside

Sign at a wedding showing the order of the day

Clean and pack

Give all your lenses a quick clean to be sure they are mark free. Whilst you are cleaning polish your shoes. Get all your gear packed along with a spare outfit and shoes. I wear black jumpsuit, sometimes team it up with a blazer if it’s chilly. I tend to bend in all sorts of weird positions, lying down, kneeling etc… without paying much attention to anything other than the shot I’m taking. So if you’re like me you should absolutely pop a spare outfit in the boot of your car in case you get grubby or tear anything!

Prepare your route to the wedding

Check out the locations and any last minute road works that may have sprung up. Print off your google maps route as well as saving it in your sat nav.

And last, but not least a bonus point…

This sounds random, but trust me on this one… the night before my wedding day it felt like I spent a big chunk of the night dreaming of my suppliers not turning up! It was my biggest worry. A simple text to say night and that you’re looking forward to photographing them the next day will reassure any brides who may be fretting like I was.

Wedding rings on a plate