Wedding signing frames

Wedding Signing Frames

Wedding Signing Frames

Your wedding day – the biggest and most enjoyable day of your life. Arguably even more so than the clothes we wear, weddings are subject to the ebbs and flows of fashions and trends. And the latest up-and-coming wedding trend is the wedding signing frame.

But is this really curtains for the traditional guest signing book? Sim Frame investigates.

Edge of a wedding signing frame

Edge of a Wedding Signing Board

What is a Wedding Signing Frame?

A wedding signing frame, sometimes called a wedding signing board, offers a happy couple an alternative way to allow attendees a way to leave a message of good luck and health for the bride and groom.

In the middle of a large frame, a photographer will place a smaller picture of the couple – sometimes it’s a photograph, sometimes it’s a sketch, sometimes it’s a caricature (read more about that below). Between the picture and the frame, there’s a large area of space for people attending the wedding to leave their best wishes and their signatures.

Visually, they’re very impactful and they look fantastic in the entrance hallway or room to a venue. Guests immediately see them and they often jostle with each other (in a nice way, of course) to make their contribution to the wedding signing frame.

After the happy couple are back from their honeymoon, the wedding signing frame can then be hung in an important place in the marital home so that the happy couple can be reminded of their special day.

And it’s for that reason that wedding signing boards are replacing the traditional guest signing book. Normally, after the wedding, a guest signing book is placed in a chest of drawers and forgotten about. A wedding signing frame is a permanent reminder of the greatest day of a person’s life.

Wedding signing frame on an easel at a wedding

Signatures on a wedding signing frame

Wedding Signing Boards In The News

Gareth Jenkins, Wales’ most capped rugby player, saw the benefits of choosing a wedding signing frame instead of a traditional wedding book.

Speaking to the Shropshire Star, Gareth and his fiancé organised a pre-wedding day shoot with their photographer. Local wedding photographer Catherine Evans told the paper that Gareth and Mellissa, his fiancé, were private people by nature and that Gareth “is not at his most relaxed in front of camera”.

They used one of the shots taken on their pre-wedding day shoot. Gareth told reporter Andrew Morris that “I’m glad we decided to have a pre-wedding shoot. We ended up using one of our photos from the shoot as a guest signing board on the day, which was a nice personal touch.”

Irish caricature & portraits artist Hughie Glynn, also a renowned wedding photographer in his home town of Westmeath, Republic of Ireland, told his local newspaper that, instead of using a pre-wedding shoot photograph on his wedding signing frames, he uses one of his three caricature styles to give the wedding signing board real emphasis.

Wedding Signing Frames – What Options Are Available? 

Sim Frame offers a beautiful range of wedding signing frames in portrait, landscape or square orientations, with four different frame colours – black, white, champagne, and pewter.  You can also opt to have it unframed and without a photo if you so choose.

Framed wedding signing board

Ordering your Wedding Signing Board

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