Photographers with their photographs for their Licentiate Qualification

MPA members pass Licentiate Qualifications at SIM 2000

MPA members pass Licentiate Qualifications at SIM 2000

On Wednesday 7th November 2018, the Masters Photographers Association (MPA) Chairman, Ray Lowe visited us here at SIM 2000. Ray appeared as part of the qualification judging panel for MPA members hoping to snap up their Licentiate Qualification.

About the MPA

With over 60 years in the professional photography arena, the MPA is the UK’s leading qualification body for the professional wedding, portrait and commercial photographer. The MPA prides itself in developing some of the industry’s leading photographers of today and encourage professional photographers of all levels to join the Association. The association is run by photographers for photographers who have many years of experience behind them and are committed to sharing their knowledge and experiences to help guide others.

With a qualification and mentoring system designed to promote continual professional development, the MPA are recognised leaders in setting the standards of professional photography today. Alongside their benefit packages and mentoring programmes the MPA offers inspirational and motivational regional and national seminars on business building and marketing support.

The Licentiate Qualification

The Licentiate qualification which took place at SIM 200 last week is no mean feat, known to be one of the toughest awards to receive within the photographic profession, it takes time, commitment and dedication to reach this level. Candidates must provide a panel of photographs, which are reviewed by five well respected fellows of the industry and judged on composition, control, lighting and technical competence.
Members must also submit a comprehensive profile about their work and business practises. Their profile must include health and safety elements that need to be understood when dealing with the public as well as the professional insurances that protect the public.

Photography Judging

Ray judged ten panels specialising in categories such as: Newborn, Wedding, Industrial, Pet, Fashion, Pure Portrait and Black and White photography, to name but a few. Ray described the atmosphere at SIM 2000 as ‘phenomenal’, with photographers submerged in a room full of inspiring professional photo printing, including powerful Acrylic Photo Prints and bright and vibrant Metal Prints on display, all handmade at SIM 2000 using the latest technology. Each attendee put their ‘life on the line’ by sharing what they hold as their best twenty photographs to be judged by the MPA and fellow peers. Amongst the 10 panels being judged, eight of the members came from the UK whilst two International members were from Canada and Malaysia.

Helping and guiding professional photographers is at the heart of what the MPA is about and as Ray describes ‘we are a family of like minded photographers’ supporting and helping each other in the industry to provide top quality photographs that most importantly sell.

Professional photography advice

Amongst many conversations today, pricing was just one topic which was covered and the problem of underselling work as a professional photographer. Help and guidance was given to ensure each member could continue to learn, improve and grow within the industry. Ray quite rightly stated, ‘the more successful photographers we have, the better our industry and the more happy customers we have as a result.

Results: a 100% pass rate!

Lastly, congratulations to all attendees named below, for successfully gaining their Licentiate Qualification.

Mildred Edwards, Anna Klesse, Olivia Rocco, Cary Smart, Natalie Allen, Victoria Elsmore, Matt Trott, Carey Pinder, Daniel Chen & Mohandas Shyree Meyappan

MPA Winners