High quality canvas print

High Quality Canvas Prints

Give your photography the WOW factor with high quality canvas prints

Do you want to create a masterpiece? Something to get people talking? Look no further than our high quality canvas prints. Sim Frame offers a beautiful range of high quality canvas prints in portrait, landscape or square orientations.

Why choose High Quality Canvas Prints?

First impressions are key when people enter your studio, home or workplace and choosing to display your artwork on to our high quality canvas prints is a fantastic way to welcome customers and guests into new surroundings. High quality canvas prints provide an impressive, visual impact and help to leverage your brand due to the stunning quality and slick finish of our ultra-fine inkjet printing. Every fine detail is amplified whether minimising or enlarging photos for both unframed and framed canvas prints, resulting in improved quality, vibrant colours and defined lines. We believe our high quality canvas prints and framed canvas prints undoubtedly have the edge over standard printing alone.

High Quality Canvas Prints

Unframed custom canvas print with a baby

How are High Quality Canvas Prints handmade?

Our first-class unframed and framed canvas prints are handmade by printing directly on to a bright white, 100% cotton, fine art canvas. This flexible, crack-resistant and natural material is professionally hand stretched over a made to measure pine frame. Once neatly wrapped and stapled taught, your high quality canvas print will appear perfectly smooth with a striking, even finish. Wooden frames support both framed and unframed canvas prints ensuring your canvas prints won’t warp, or bow over time.

Stretcher Bars and High Quality Canvas Prints

Stretcher bars are the wooden framework solution used by artists to mount high quality canvas prints. Giving special attention to the neat, sharp corners of the finger corner joints used for all high quality unframed canvas prints, we guarantee the wooden background and bars will fit neatly together; ensuring all your personalised unframed and framed canvas prints lie flat against the wall for a flawless finish. At Sim Frame, we individually check each order to ensure there are no imperfections through every stage of production.

Why choose Framed Canvas Prints

Our stunning handmade framed canvas prints are at the height of professionalism, lifting your print from the wall and creating style and character. With more exciting colour options than ever before, choose to encase your framed canvas prints in one of our five stylish frame colours: grey, white, black, taupe or cream!

Hanging your High Quality Canvas Prints

All of our canvases at SIM Frame are completed with professional framer tape before we add wall fixings and protective felt bumpers. That means when you design your unframed and framed canvas prints online, they will be ready to hang as soon as they arrive.

Order your High Quality Canvas Print

Visit our webpage to order your high quality canvas prints or call us on the number below to process your order.

If you’d like to see our unframed and framed canvas prints in person, you’re welcome to come and visit our Hatfield showroom. You can book an appointment or contact us on 01707 27 37 47 or email [email protected].

Framed High Quality Canvas Prints