Photos on Glass

Photos on Glass

Photos on glass

A real growth area in photo printing in the last two or three years has been in the production of photos on glass, what is actually called acrylic photo printing. People think it’s glass but in reality it’s high quality Perspex but looks like photos on glass. But what is behind the increase in popularity? Why are more homeowners and commercial clients asking for photos on glass than before? For us here at Sim Frame, there are seven very clear reasons why and, in this article, we share them with you.

1. Vibrant colours with really black blacks

Colours on photos on glass are vibrant and literally seem to pop out – they never seem to loose their striking, attention-grabbing qualities no matter how much time passes by. Shades, shadows, and blacks are all the more lifelike – they seem much deeper than even the most advanced HDR 4K-ready TV.

2. Aesthetically, photos on glass stand out whether in the home or in the office

Whether taking pride of place in your home or in a boardroom, your photo on glass will be certain to be a talking point. For domestic users, the importance of the moment captured will be evident – friends, family members, and visitors will appreciate the significance of the people and the time immortalised in that image. For commercial users wanting to make an impression on important customers or suppliers, a photo on glass will reinforce your brand, its value, and the importance your business places on standing out from your competition.

Gorgeous photo of a girl on glass

Corner of a photo on glass

3. Very durable

Photos on glass last for years – they’re renowned in commercial circles for their durability thanks to their in-built UV protection and waterproofing. The physical qualities of the acrylic used in photos on glass also mean that they are shatterproof, ideal if your print is being hung in a home with small children.

4. Very easy to clean

Photos on glass are very easy to clean with a wide variety of specialist and affordable cleaning materials designed specifically to remove dirt, fingerprints, and other distractions without damaging your print.

5. Modern production techniques make photos on glass more affordable

Demand from homeowners and commercial interior architects continues to build and, with that increase, the cost of production comes down as the price of the required machinery and the acrylic itself falls. 12” by 8 prints start from just £32 at Sim Frame and we confidently predict that prices will continue to decline over the coming months and years.

6. Choose the edging you want

Square edging is traditional, classic, and it’s still stylish. With photos on glass, you’re not just limited to square corners though – choose from softly-curved edges for your photo on glass or a perfect circular finish.

7. Easy to fix to the walls

With Sim Frame, you can further upgrade your photos on glass by placing them in a hand-made, modern wooden frame with a stylish 5mm gap against each edge. Whether you choose the black or the white frame, the quality of the image will jump out of its casing thanks to its striking looks and colour. Frames are not available for the curved or circular finished photos on glass. Better still, our photos are glass come pre-fitted with a rear-mounted subframe for easy hanging – it will just float on your wall. All you need to hang your frame is two screws.

Photos on glass – see for yourself

Did you know that you can pop in and see us in person to meet us and to see the bespoke, hand-made photos on glass that we produce for our clients? You can book an appointment or contact us on 01707 27 37 47 or email [email protected].

Baby photo on glass