Custom photo wall art

Custom Photo Wall Art

Custom Photo Wall Art

We’ve never taken more pictures than we take now. We carry around a super powerful camera integrated into our super powerful smartphones and we seem to use it at every opportunity to capture a moment, a memory. And, for many of us, we take pride and pleasure in sharing those photographs with friends and family members on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever the latest app du jour happens to be.

But, in the words of Katie Laughridge in the Hamilton Spectator, “a house isn’t a home without art on the walls” – the perfect reason to install some custom photo wall art in your home. That art might be our own art created by the ingenious range of filtering techniques on image manipulation apps and software. It may be a print we’ve bought at the local market which we know would just suit our own personal taste and which would fit in aesthetically with the carefully-thought-through colour schemes in our homes.

Getting that “gallery wall” effect for our home is becoming more and more chic, as well. The big news in the home furnishing world recently was John Lewis’s decision to stop selling clip-frames for quality frames (source: The Guardian). Why? Because clip frames just aren’t good enough anymore for our memory wall.

Turn photos into wall art

How can you turn your photos into photo wall art – the very best custom photo wall art? The quality of the print and the quality of the material your photos are printed on should be your overriding consideration – quality input always begets quality output.

Sim Frame’s range of custom photo wall art has been designed with the style-conscious consumer and professional in mind. There are 9 styles ranging from the most modish of designs to the evergreen traditional and stylish.

Professional photo wall art

Photo wall art

Metal prints envelop the viewer in unctuous colour and vibrancy while the durable satin-laminate finish so carefully employed on our wooden block photos is surely the natural style progression upwards from canvasses.

Your photos are a visual representative of you, your life, and the things that matter most to you. Whatever technique you use to turn your photos into photo wall art, that’s just as expressive as the precious visual matter mounted on that carefully-sourced material.

Personalised wall art framed

Mix up your custom photo wall art with stylish photo frames the way you want it. For those times you’ll never forget and which hold a special place in your heart, go big and get it framed. Sim Frame’s range of photo frames will provide the stand-out counterparts to the visual harmony and disharmony of your memories immortalised on your very own gallery custom photo wall art.

Go ornate with Baroque frame, go simple with the Casa – a brush-painted finish on wooden grain texture with sublimely rounded edges. Go your own way.

Your wall’s evolution

Your photos are now all custom photo wall art. The frames you’ve chosen stylistically highlight the special image in situ without ever being the main attraction. For the final act in this curation of cherished times and memories, we agree with Karl Lohnes in the Montreal Gazette – “forget hanging your artwork in a row ever again!”.

“It’s time to get creative – from art groupings, styles of art, and how we display it”. Curate the images you’ve chosen for your display carefully, go big when you can for those moments you want to surround yourself in again, hang pieces at different eye levels, and season the display with smaller images of the times when you laughed so hard or the sun shone so brightly.

And then, sit back and enjoy your custom photo wall art.