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Guest books are still popular and it’s really not hard to appreciate why. Imagine a book full of the best wishes, signatures, and kisses from the people we love, cherish, and admire who are taking the time out needed to help us celebrate something of genuine personal value to us – like our wedding, a christening, an award at work, a bar mitzvah, and so on. However, for example, for a wedding guest book the bride and groom will need to do a pre-wedding photoshoot to have lots of photos for the book and this might not be something they want to do or have the budget for. Indeed, for any event, a lot of time and planning for the photos for the guest book is needed.

But what are the alternatives available today if the idea of having a guest book seems as a little old fashioned and time consuming to produce? How do you know if they’re actually any good? The team here at SIM Frame have devised a very scientific* test carried out under laboratory conditions to settle once and for all why we believe that:

  • the signing board is the 21st century solution to keeping precious memories and great times alive
  • the signing board is the perfect guest book alternative

The three key tests

Look at the SIM Frame signing board – it’s beautiful, stylish, and elegant. The signing board really is the ideal guest book alternative.

Send us the photograph, image, or caricature that you want mounted in the middle. We sit that perfectly in the centre of the frame around which there is plenty of white space for your guests to sign their names and leave their best wishes. When everyone is finished with it, pop it back in the frame. You can even swap out the photo in the middle to one of the event, after the event.

Hang it in the front room, hang it in the kitchen. It’s a great talking point, it looks amazing and very personal, they last forever (thanks to our industry-leading build quality), they’re out of the reach of destructive kids when they’re hung on the wall, and they’re very low maintenance.

But do other guest book alternatives pass the same tests as well? Let’s investigate.

Do they last a long time?

For the inner hipster/lumbersexual, what about this? An old-style table with an old-style typewriter on top for guests to clack out their message on. Great suggestion by the Knot but there are a few problems with it.

Typewriters arms get stuck. Do you really want your best man or your bridesmaids to get inky fingers trying to get the typewriter to work properly again? What if it rains and it starts to smudge the paper? Where are you going to put the vintage table and the typewriter after the big day?

Nice idea but it smacks us a little of trying a little too hard. As does this little blast from the past as reported on (photography from Abby Jui).

Get a little Polaroid camera and invite guest to take pictures of themselves. This sounds like a recipe for self-indulgent “selfies” from your guests – today should be about “you, you, you” and not “them, them, them”. You have a wedding or event photographer who does their job professionally and you’re paying them.

It’s true that the Polaroids will last a long time but all you’ll end up doing is sticking them in a photo album which will, in all likelihood, rarely see the light of day again.

The pictures will last but your memories of them won’t last.

Can the kids destroy them?

It’s hard not to have a soft spot for this “wine bottle guest book” from Vintage Barn Wedding as reported on the Knot.

These people think the signing board is the perfect guest book alternative

The rugby star Gethin Jones thinks that signing boards are the guest book alternative of choice – see the Shropshire Star’s account of his lovely wedding. Erin and Shane, a couple from Donegal, got a charming caricature on their signing board as part of their real Irish wedding – a great report here from the Irish Independent.

* “scientific” may be over-egging the pudding for the purpose of this article.

Signing boards direct from the expert craftspeople

Make the right choice – choose a signing board as your perfect guest book alternative. If you want to speak with one of the team about using a signing board as a guest book alternative at your wedding or other special occasion, get in touch with us for more information, You can book an appointment or contact us on 01707 273747 or email [email protected]

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