Framing Acrylic

SIM Frame’s framing acrylic service offers professionals and consumers the ultimate in the luxurious showcasing of photography and other art prints. The hand-crafted acrylic box frames we use in our framing acrylic range of finishes are all assembled in-house and to order by our experienced team of craftspeople. They deliver a bold, striking, angular design which not only adds a contemporary conversation piece to a room or a gallery and they do so in such a way to never usurping the elegance, the emotion, and the meaning of the piece it displays.

In this article, SIM Frame’s chief of production explains why he and his team derive particular enjoyment from each staging of the framing acrylic process and the pleasure that they deliver to clients and homeowners.

Framing acrylic – depth and focus

Our framing acrylic service starts with a box frame which provides the featured photograph or artwork with a depth and a focus thanks to its subtle removal and forward-positioning from the surface wall on which it is hung. They benefit from a use of the latest techniques in the production of aluminium or wooden mouldings with a modish and clean black or white satin finish. No matter where it is hung, what our framing acrylic service delivers for clients or for homeowners will work in any display space – be it a gallery, a workspace, or a home.

Our acrylic box frames incorporate an intuitive hanging system featuring two pre-attached steel hangars making for easy display once it has arrived with you safely by courier.

Framing acrylic – advantages of printing to acrylic

The first thing you notice about acrylic prints is their intense colour saturation and their brightness – they seem to come alive right in front of you. It’s almost as if the colours “pop” before your eyes – remember too that acrylic images can display up to 50% more colours than a canvas print.

The quality of the reproduction is striking making it a strong contender for a stand-out family display piece in a home or a piece that draws visitors and customers in when displayed in a corporate or retail environment.

Any light in the display environment is refracted through the acrylic adding a near depth perception to the edge-to-edge glossiness that our framing acrylic service delivers.

Acrylic prints are also very durable – the acrylic is lighter than glass, it provides UV protection to the photography or art reproduction, and it is shatter resistant.

Framing acrylic – the details

Our craftsmen use the very latest printing-to-Perspex techniques in the production of vivid framing acrylic boxes with a flawless and smooth artwork from edge to edge. We use the latest archival ink technology during the process offers 70 years of fade resistance even after exposure to artificial and natural light.

If you want to speak with one of the team about our framing acrylic service, please get in touch with us for more information. You can book an appointment to come and see us or speak to us over the phone – whichever is better for you. Just contact us on 01707 27 37 47 or email [email protected].