Professional Framing

Grace Beuley Hunt, the Home & Design Editor at Luxe Interiors + Design, knows a thing or two about how to master the art of the gallery wall. To give your wall or your client’s wall “magazine polish”, she recommends that you “suit up your pieces in professional framing (being sure to) add some variation in both colours and textures to break things up and create visual interest” when she wrote for Vogue Magazine.

For homeowners wanting to create a stylish and interesting wall in their home, professional framing highlights images and photography is a striking and conversation-starting way. Stay with one style or mix up professional framing styles if you have more than one image or photo you wish to display – but how do you choose the right style for an image or photograph?

Professional framing styles

Whether you’re choosing professional framing for images and photography to display in your home or as part of a professional photography package you’re offering to clients, SIM Frame has a wide selection of styles to choose from. We have a wider range of frames you can choose from and don’t forget that we can produce custom-sized frames if you need us to – just let us know the dimensions you require.

Use our handy online quick guide to choose the right professional framing style for each image or photograph you wish to make prominent.

  • Appleton professional framing style
    Appleton frames are warm and inviting wooden frames which bring out the colour and vibrancy in an image.

  • Baroque professional framing style
    Our baroque range features beautiful, extravagant, and ornate frames reminiscent of high-end 17th and 18th century Europe design. Ideal for important, quirky, or vintage images.

  • Casa professional framing style
    Featuring stylish and contemporary curved wooden-edged framing, our Casa collection works particularly successfully with monochrome imagery or on colour photographs whether either white or black is the dominant colour.

  • Classic professional framing style
    Our classic collection is our modernistic interpretation and re-imagining of standard contemporary wooden photo frames and ideal for images and pictures with more muted colour palates.

  • Gallery professional framing style
    Our classic collection is our modernistic interpretation and re-imagining of standard contemporary wooden photo frames and ideal for images and pictures with more muted colour palates.

  • Nouveau professional framing style
    Nouveau frames deliver elegance and élan and they’re ideal for showcasing your image, sketch, photography, or artwork on a budget.

  • Reggenza professional framing style
    Reggenza decorative wooden photo frames are frames with style, detail, form, and character and they are ideal for spotlighting more muted imagery where you feel that a glossier finish might detract from the finer detail you’re looking to showcase.

  • Simplicity professional framing style
    Our Simplicity square-edged chunky wooden photo frames are aesthetically striking while stylistically minimal featuring a substantial 2 inch deep moulding. Ideal for all types of imagery and photography.

  • Vintage professional framing style
    Shabby chic wood photo frames like those in our Vintage collection work especially well with images and photography printed on our high-quality matt fine art papers. By painting, rubbing off, and sanding away a frame’s top coating, our craftspeople achieve that aged and distressed looking on these stylish and professional frames.

  • Western professional framing style
    Our Western range of professional frames are made from reclaimed wood and each has its own unique presence and personality. Ideal for older family photographs in particular.

Planning out your wall

If you’re planning to turn your wall into a feature display using different professional framing styles, choose the photographs and images that you want framing the most – those photographs and images that are the most important to you.

Then, from your selection, choose the photographs and images which are the most important and make sure that, when you order a print and professional framing option, that these are the largest. This will lend these images and photographs particular prominence making them the visual nexus in your display.

When planning your wall, make the most of the space but don’t forget to make sure that there is plenty of space between the images and photographs to provide symmetry and balance to your display wall.

Professional framing – find out more

Buy one type of frame – buy multiple types of frames. What will work best in your space? What will draw visitors’ attentions to the images and photography on display? What will make your home wall or office wall look great?

If you want to speak with one of the team about professional framing for your images, photography, and artwork, please get in touch with us for more information. You can book an appointment to come and see us or speak to us over the phone – whichever is better for you. Just contact us on 01707 27 37 47 or email [email protected].