Custom Box Photo Frames

5 Great Reasons to Buy Box Photo Frames

Box photo frames are one of those universal framing solutions capable of displaying all kinds of precious memories. We get thousands and thousands of requests to encapsulate people’s images and photography in them every year – it’s what we love doing.

How are SIM Frame’s customers using box photo frames? What do they intend to do when they decide that they trust us to present those images and photographs in one of our attractive, hard-wearing, and stylish box photo frames?

Let’s look at the five top box photo frame uses in 2019.

Creative ways to make the most of photo box frames

Make an amazing wall display…

Wall displays are all the rage both at exhibitions and in-home styling magazines. By mixing and matching different sized frames (most important pictures are the biggest) and hanging it on your walls in a broken montage style, a room comes alive filled with the memories of precious times gone by.

…or give it pride of place

Perhaps you want a large custom box photo frame to hang in isolation to pay tribute to a particular person or to emphasise the importance of a particular date or time in your life. Displaying it with pride of place on a wall with subtle up or down-lighting adds extra emphatic quality to this centrepiece, affording it the attention and affection it deserves.

Preserve your child’s artwork

While we can’t reproduce your child’s artwork at SIM Frame, why not take a photograph of something your child has brought home from school? Better still, you could ask a professional photographer to take a picture of it in the highest quality detail in the best lighting conditions in their studio. Keep the original in the safest of memory boxes and display for all to see the imagination of your child on your walls.

Going away keepsake

Hundreds of thousands of young people leave home for the first time as they approach their twenties. They could be going to university, moving away for a job, joining the army, or relocating overseas. A stylish, sturdy, small, and portable custom box photo frame is the perfect going away keepsake so that your child or relative can be reminded of the love that still exists for them back where they came from.

Stimulate memories

For our relatives living in residential or nursing care, photography is a link to a cherished past in which they can immerse themselves to evoke feelings of comfort and happiness. For relatives living with progressive conditions, we’re only really at the beginning of understanding how being surrounded by what we knew when we were young can stimulate memories and brain activities when our brains seem to be actively fighting against our being able to do so.

Box photo frames are a great way to further personalise the living spaces of our elderly or ill relatives when they’re away from home receiving the care and attention, they need to keep them safe and happy.

Custom Box photo frames at SIM Frame

Available in landscape, portrait, or square aspect rations either custom-made to your desired size or in our standard range of 17 sizes, our handmade box photo frames come in seven different stylish colours. Not only are the frames of the highest quality, the paper and the ink we used to reproduce your image is of the highest quality and your image sits edge-to-edge against the frame.

If you want to speak with one of the team about custom box photo frames, please get in touch with us for more information. You can book an appointment to come and see us or speak to us over the phone – whichever is better for you. Just contact us on 01707 27 37 47 or email [email protected].